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74in SLICK540

 74in SLICK540 30CC& 120E  NEW! 


WING SPAN:74"(1880mm)


WING AREA:1028sq in(66.3sq dm)

FLYING WEIGHT: Gas Version 9.7-10.5lbs(4400-4700g)
                                                  Electric Version 9-10lbs(4100-4500g)
                   GAS POWER:26-38CC gas DLE30  DLE35


Electric Power

DUSKY XM6350EA-12 with 8S 3700-4400mAh 18x10 prop

Or other 1900-2000Watt electric motor





    Goldwing RC has long-term partnership with EG Aircraft (USA) in manufacturing 3D aerobatic model airplanes. Based on successful co-designed “EG Slick540 30CC”, Goldwing RC now proudly offer two extensively upgraded “Extreme Series” versions of 74in Slick: Electric Extreme 120E Slick540 and Gas Extreme 30CC Slick540. 

                   COLOR SCHEME CHOICE

Gas No.: GW-GX002A
Electric No.: GW-EX002A

Gas No.: GW-GX002B
Electric No.: GW-EX002B

 Gas No.: GW-GX002C
Electric No.: GW-EX002C

 Gas No.: GW-GX002D
Electric No.: GW-EX002D



Improved stainless steel axles
Flat nylon hinges for better flying strength
Aluminium hub rubber wheels
Pre-hinged control surfaces
High quality ball link assemblyes
carbon fiber wing tube
Including fiber wing tube
Includes side force generator's(SFG)
Larger aileron and elevator design.  Up to 60 degrees of throw on all control surfaces for excellent 3D aerobatic flying
Extra covering provided for small repairs and covered in genuine Ultracote / Oracover

Two quick stainless steel release canopy latch

Removable stab&rudder

New 410 KUZA Fuel Tank Assembly with aluminum tank cap for 30CC version

Including anodized alloy fuel dot&fuel vent line plug for 30CC version

Aluminium Backplate Hollowed-out Electric Spinner included for 120E verson ( Excellt cooling effect for brushless motor)

Including POM&ALU motor washers for 120E version

Canopy hatch pins are made of nylon rods for better resistance against vibration

Extra strength carbon fiber control borns

One piece air foiled carbon fiber landing gear 

V2 version Carbon fiber tail wheel assembly with CNC machined metal parts, including the aluminium tail wheel hub


Recommend AccessoriesNot included):

KUZA Heavy duty 7075 aluminum Servo Arm

For Futaba servo(25T):
39mm/1.5in Single  No. KAG0S72F
84mm/3.25in Dual  No. KAG0D72F


For  Hitec  servo(24T):
39mm/1.5in Single  No. KAG0S72H
84mm/3.25in Dual  No. KAG0D72H


For  JR  servo(23T):
39mm/1.5in Single  No. KAG0S72J

84mm/3.25in Dual  No. KAG0D72J

KUZA 2.3*15mm Self Tapping Servo Serews    No.: KAG002622

KUZA  Twisted 22 AWG Servo Extensions
Two to three 12" (305mm)   No.: KAG002522 
Two to three 18" (455mm)   No.: KAG002523

KUZA Gas fuel line : size 6*3.5mm 3 color to choose: red,blue,yellow
No,KAG006121R , KAG0061U , KAG0061Y

KUZA CNC Aluminum Fuel Dot 3 color to choose: black,red ,blue
No,KAG00231B, KAG00231R , KAG00231U

KUZA CNC Aluminum Fuel Vent Line Plug 3 color to choose: black,red ,blue
No,KAG00232B, KAG00232R , KAG00232U

KUZA Fuel Line Clips 10PCS No.KAG02454

KUZA new  Wingbag for 30CC

Two color to choice: red/ black, blue / silver    NO.KAG0093



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