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Fuel Dot & Vent

KUZA CNC Aluminum Fuel Dot and Vent Line Plug


1. From June 2015 and on, all Goldwing gas airplanes are made ready for KUZA fuel dot and vent line plug. Available in three    colors: black, red and blue.


2. Installation of  KUZA CNC Aluminum Fuel Dot
Sites for KUZA fuel dot installation are pre-cut on both sides of the fuselage, you may install it on either side. Use shape knife to remove the covering.

Secure the housing of fuel dot with supplied 2.5 mm self-tapping screws, then plug and install the fuel line to complete the setup of fuel dot.


3. Installation of  KUZA CNC Aluminum Fuel Vent Line Plug

Similarly, two sites for vent line plug installation are available at the bottom of the fuselage. Secure KUZA vent line plug with four 2.5 mm self-tapping screws as shown below.

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