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NEW RTF Clear Gas Tank

   New Features of KUZA RTF Clear Gas Tank

KUZA is committed to produce high quality RC accessories . In our constant effort to improve our products new features listed below have been added to KUZA RTF Clear Tanks availble since September 1st, 2015.

1. In addition the 4 sizes released previously,KUZA  RTF clear gas tanks are now availble in 3 more sizes: 14oz.(410cc) for 30-40cc engines,24oz.(700cc) for 60-70cc engines and 50oz.(1500cc) for 150-200cc engines.

50oz. 1500cc gas tank

24oz. 700cc gas tank

14oz. 410cc gas tank

2. Caps are available in 3 colors : red, blue and black , adding an artistic touch to your fuel tank

3. The zip-ties previously used to secure the connection between the brass tube and the fuel line inside the bottom has been replaces by newly designed fuel line clips(#2) for better safety


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