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CORVUS 30CC & 120E V4

                           GW 72in CORVUS 30CC & 120E
Goldwing RC now proudly offer two extensively upgraded “Extreme Series” versions of 72in CORVUS: Electric Extreme 120E CORVUS and Gas Extreme 30CC CORVUS.
WING SPAN:72"(1830mm)
WING AREA:1017sq in(65.6sq dm)
FLYING WEIGHT: Gas Version is 9.7-10.5lbs(4400-4700g)
Electric Version is 9-10lbs(4100-4500g)  
Gas Power:26-38cc gas  DLE30 DLE35
Electric Power:
DUSKY XM6350EA-12 with 8S 3700-4400mAh 18x10 prop
Or other 1900-2200Watt electric motor






· Improved stainless steel axles
· Flat nylon hinges for better flying strength 
· Aluminium hub rubber wheels
· Pre-hinged control surfaces  
· High quality ball link assemblys
· Carbon fiber wing tube
· Including Servo lead safety clips
· Includes Side Force Generator’s(SFG)
· Larger aileron and elevator design.  Up to 60 degrees of throw on all control surfaces for excellent 3D aerobatic flying
· Extra covering provided for small repairs and covered in genuine Ultracote / Oracover
· Two Quick stainless steel release canopy latch 

· Removable stab & rudder 

· Including KUZA 410ml Gas Tank V2 Version for 30CC

· Including anodized alloy fuel dot & fuel vent line plug for 30CC version

· Aluminium Backplate Hollowed-out Electric Spinner included for 120E version (Excellent cooling effect for brushless motor)

· Including POM & ALU motor washers for 120E version

· Extra strength carbon fiber control horns

· One piece air foiled carbon fiber landing gear

· KUZA V2 version Carbon fiber tail wheel assembly with CNC machined metal parts, including the aluminium tail wheel hub. 

· Including high quality Velcro Straps

· Including KUZA Socket Head Servo Screws

Recommend AccessoriesNot included):
* KUZA Twisted 22 AWG Servo Extensions 
Two to three 12”(305mm) No. KAG002522    
Two to three 18”(455mm) No. KAG002523

KUZA Gas fuel line : size 6*3.5mm 3 color to choose: red,blue,yellow

No,KAG006131R , KAG0061U , KAG0061Y

KUZA CNC Aluminum Fuel Dot 3 color to choose: black,red ,blue

No,KAG00231B, KAG00231R , KAG00231U

KUZA CNC Aluminum Fuel Vent Line Plug 3 color to choose: black,red ,blue
No,KAG00232B, KAG00232R , KAG00232U

KUZA Fuel Line Clips 10PCS No.KAG02454

KUZA  7075-T6 Alloy Servo Arm V2

* KUZA new Wingbag for 72in CORVUS   Two color to choose: red/ black, blue / silver   No. KAG0093


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